Grapevine 2008

Archived back issues of the Grapevine 2008

The table below has an image in for each front cover of the publication and a description of some of the articles covered. You can download your copy of the publication by clicking on image.

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February 2008

  • Buses and now the good news
  • Pat Townsend Writer and Local Historian
  • Vivienne Brown, Honey Judge

March 2008

  • All Bright and Shining
  • Mary Smethurst
  • Nikki Owens of Classic Beauty

April 2008

  • Arise Sir Harry
  • Thank you Mr Grandidge
  • First Impressions of Eden
  • Flackwell Heath’s Greatest Fan
  • My Great Uncle Arthur Squire of Flackwell

May 2008

  • Goodbye Mr Grandidge
  • Walking Groups in Flackwell
  • Table Tennis Successes
  • Rita Trigger

June 2008

  • Summer Serenade
  • Arthur Wilks’ War

July 2008

  • House Prices in Flackwell Heath
  • Cherry Fayre 2008
  • “Greenlands” Neighbourhood Watch
  • Dr. Christine Moretto
  • Abby Kumar a Passion for Badminton
  • Anthony & Joyce Curtis an Artists’ Partnership

August-September 2008

  • The Brilliant Cherry Fayre
  • Summer Serenade
  • The Heath Singers, How lucky we are to live in Flackwell
  • Betty & Edna – Our London Guests
  • Good News for Walkers and Drinkers

October 2008

  • New Faces at the Green Dragon
  • Local Badminton – at every age and every level
  • Family Taxi firm celebrates 40 years

November 2008

  • Quiz Night
  • The Three Horse Shoes
  • Flackwell Authors for Christmas
  • The Empire of India

December 2008 – January 2009

  • Carrington Celebrates with Gilly
  • After School Club 10 Years On

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