Flackwell Heath Community Centre Calendar

This calendar shows the currently confirmed bookings for the Community Centre. It is automatically updated with the latest information. Red blocks represent bookings for the Main Hall; green blocks are bookings for the Sarney room.

Just one (or no) rooms can be selected using the drop-down menu displayed on clicking the down arrow at the top right.

The calendar can be navigated using the blue arrows at top left. It can be viewed by week, month, or as a time ordered list (Agenda view). Week view (the default) and Agenda view are probably the most useful. Entries displayed as “busy” with no further information available are private functions.

Many bookings are regularly recurring events for local clubs and groups such as badminton clubs, dance and fitness classes. Please be aware that the times shown above are times that the room is booked, and not necessarily the times that the activity takes place. This may be shorter to allow for equipment setup and tidy up.  Contact details for each regular user group can be found on the What’s On page.

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