Booking Process

Please help us to help you by taking just a few minutes to read through the procedure below.  We understand that it may seem a lot of words, and we know you are busy, but so are we, we are all volunteers, and we do all the running of the Centre in our spare time.  It really does help us if you would follow the steps below so far as possible, and you are more likely to get a quick and helpful response if you do.


Main Hall

Check the Calendar

More details of the available rooms and equipment are on the Facilities page.  If you wish to hire or book a room at the Community Centre, please first of all check using the Calendar that the room is free at the time when your planned event takes place. The Main Hall and Sarney Room are booked independently, so you may need to share the building with another group.  The calendar is planned and filled out 4-8 months ahead; we are able to accept bookings within this general timeframe.

Review the Terms and Conditions

Next review our terms and conditions of hire and terms of use to ensure that these are acceptable to you.

Check the Hire Charges

Full details of the hire charges for the facilities can be found on the Hire Charges page.

Determine whether you need a licence

The Community Centre has a Premises Licence which covers various kinds entertainment between certain hours (although most of the activities covered by the licence have since been deregulated).  A copy is posted on the Management Committee noticeboard at the Centre; if you are not able to read it there, for more details please complete a Contact form.  The licence does NOT cover the sale or supply of alcohol.  It is your responsibility to determine whether your event will include any licensable activities not covered by the licence, and if necessary submit a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) to Wycombe District Council before the event.  Because there is a limit to the number of events licensed by a TEN that can take place in any one year, your TEN application may be refused and we may be unable to accept your booking if this limit has been reached.

More information on licensable activities, application forms etc can be found at Wycombe District Council and on the Government website.

Request a Booking

To request a booking please complete the Bookings Enquiry Form below.. If your enquiry is preliminary such that you don’t yet have a definite date and time, please still complete the Bookings Enquiry Form, put anything in the date and time fields, and add some explanation in the Special Requests box.  P1040689aWe will review your requested dates and times and confirm the cost and whether the facility can be booked at that time (a previous request may be in progress, but not have made it into the Calendar yet).  FHCA will allocate ad-hoc bookings on a first come, first served basis, and reserves the right to refuse any request it considers incompatible with the Association’s objectives.  We regret that we are unable to accommodate teenage parties.


When you have completed the form, enter the letters and numbers in the image at the bottom of the form before pressing submit.  If you can’t read them, click on the two small curly arrows just to the right to get another set.  We’re sorry to make you do this, but it helps minimise the spam we might otherwise receive.  When your form has been successfully submitted you will be taken to a thank you and confirmation page.

If you have not heard back from us after a week, please check your email spam buckets or junk mail filters.  If still nothing then contact us again using the contact us page (which comes by a different route). Something may have gone wrong with the system, or you may have mis-typed your email address, and we are unable to contact you.

We are experiencing difficulties contacting hotmail email addresses.  Please use an alternative email address if you can.  If you must use hotmail, please check your “Junk Email” folder regularly and see the other advice on our News page


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