Fire Evacuation Procedure

The Community Centre,
Straight Bit,
Flackwell Heath
HP10 9LS

In the event of a fire, the following procedure should be carried out:

1. Raise the alarm by breaking the glass in the call point under the red bell. One is located in the Hall by the two external doors, and the other in the Entrance Foyer. This action will initiate the alarms.

2. Evacuate the building immediately.

3. Call the Fire Brigade. A public phone box is shown below.

4. Assemble in the car park as shown below.

5. Do a headcount.

6. Await the arrival of the Fire Brigade and inform them of any details concerning the fire.

7. Do not re-enter the building until the Fire Brigade give permission.

Assembly Point

Community Centre internal layout


This procedure can be downloaded and printed by following this link:Fire Evacuation Procedure Oct 2010

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