The Grapevine is a coloured monthly village newsletter issued 10 times a year. The months January / December and August / September are combined. The newsletter contains a diary of events, activities at the Community Centre, news, views and comment on issues relevant to the residents of Flackwell Heath. It also features contributions from local organisations to help keep villagers in touch with the community. The deadline for editorial contributions should be 13th of the previous month. The subscription is now £5.00 and £4.00 for people over 60 and £2 extension for sending electronic versions to friends and family abroad by email. The Grapevine editor is Sue Arnautov, telephone 01628 523907. You can subscribe to the Grapevine using the Grapevine Contact Us form.

Grapevine delivery
Paper copies are delivered by one of about 60 volunteer Road Reps. When you contact us saying you wish to subscribe, we will alert the appropriate Road Rep and the Distribution Manager, Pauline Cooper.
Once you are a subscriber, if there any difficulties with delivery, contact your Road Rep or Pauline Cooper, 01628 522562. Future subscriptions will be collected by your Road Rep once a year, in March.

The Grapevine advertises local events by charities, clubs, etc. free. About one eighth of its content is paid-for commercial advertising of local businesses – to enquire about rates, sizes, availability, please use the ‘Contact The Grapevine’ form. Please note that the deadline is the 15th of the previous month, so let us know in plenty of time.

Advertising Your Event in The Grapevine
We will advertise an event IF it takes place in Flackwell and/or it is being run by a Flackwell organisation that is non-profit, such as a charity, club or school. It must be a public event, not members only. A simple advert is then free.
Please give FULL details. Remember the old rhyme ‘I have six honest serving men who taught me all I knew. Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who’
In this context that means:
What – sort of an event e.g. Fun Day, Car Wash, perhaps with details
Why – e.g. to raise funds for XXX, celebrate something
When – date, day, time
How – how to book, how much does it cost
Where – venue
Who – target population e.g. adults, children, and also, who is running the event
……and any other point e.g. if wet in Scout Hut.
If you want to send us an ad you have designed yourself, please appreciate that our space is limited, and your ad may have to be reduced; if it is too crowded, legibility may suffer. Also, layout is done on a MAC and very strange things can happen to Word documents with overlays etc. on transfer. Please send it to us as a jpeg or similar.

Grapevine Archive

We have back issues available on this website for download. There is a page per year from 2015 back to 2008.

Follow the links below for the respective periods.

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 Contact The Grapevine

If you would like to subscribe to Grapevine you may do so by sending us a message using the form below. Please fill in as much information as you can and we will get back in contact with you to let you know what the next steps are. You may also use this form to contact the editorial staff with contributions and other information for publication.

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