Energy Saving Message

Dear user/hirer of the Community Centre,

We thank you for your support in hiring the Community Centre and hope that our facilities contribute to you having a successful event.

The Community Centre is a registered charity and is run by a committee of trustees. Our mandate is to raise funds to maintain the building in the best possible condition, and to pay the running costs which include cleaning, security, water, lighting and heating. Our biggest expense is heating and lighting. Last year these costs were in excess of £4,000. My purpose in writing is to enlist your support to ensure these utilities are not wasted.

We ask that the following simple guidelines are adhered to whilst you are using the facility:

  • Please keep the emergency exit doors in the Main Hall and Sarney Room CLOSED at all times unless, of course, the building has to be evacuated. In doing so you will prevent a huge loss of heat.
  • If you change any settings on the heaters in the hall, please put back to the original settings when you leave, even though other hirers may be coming in after you.
  • Please use the Main Entrance for access to and from the building and please do not hook the doors open.
  • If you have used the kitchen ensure all electrical appliances are SWITCHED OFF after use and their plugs are removed from the power socket. Also, please ensure that the gas taps on the cooking range are also SWITCHED OFF
  • Lights are SWITCHED OFF when you leave the building at the end of your activity.

By complying with the above request you will greatly assist us in reducing wastage and thereby keeping our hire costs to a minimum for your ongoing benefit.

The Trustees and Committee thank you for your support.


Facilities Manager

(This document can also be downloaded and printed from here: Energy Saving Message )

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