Help Wanted!

‘The Council’ (whether Parish, District or County) does NOT run the Community Centre. It is a charitable trust and is run entirely by volunteers – your friends and neighbours. The Centre is heavily booked during the week, and quite a lot at weekends. Without it, there would be a shortage of places to meet – for classes, clubs, blood donation, parties, elections – and a serious decrease in local opportunities.

At the moment, too many of the Committee are operating without any back-up; illness, accident, holidays or work obligations could all trigger a crisis. Some help would be most welcome; it needn’t be a large or long-term commitment. An offer to do some small defined job eases the load; recent examples include the purchase of a new carpet sweeper, proofreading The Grapevine occasionally.

Suggestions include: liaising with cleaners once a month, liaising with contractors as and when, applying for grants, helping to decorate the hall at Christmas time, updating the website, being on a rota to alarm and de-alarm the centre at weekends, helping at the occasional fund-raising event.

If you can help, please get in touch!

Contact details: use the ‘Contact Us’ feature on this website or